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The Pink elephant:
A Practical Guide to
Creating an Anti-racist


The Racial Revolution of 2020 pushed anti-racism to the forefront of the global conversation. For the first time in history, many companies have had to take an honest look at how little progress has been made in regard to racial equity in the workplace. The diversity, equity, and inclusion industry has been around for decades and strides have been made to create a more diverse workforce, however, more must be done to ensure that people of various backgrounds feel respected, valued and included.

The Pink Elephant is a practical guide to creating a more racially equitable workplace for all employees. This book explores tools for effective racial dialogue, how to unpack and understand our privilege, best practices for anti-racism workshops, and strategies to break the habit of systemic racism in the workplace. For anyone looking to transfer the lessons learned in the summer of 2020 into corporate America, this is the book for you


dirty diversity:

A Practical Guide to Foster an Equitable and Inclusive Workplace for All

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In corporate America, diversity has become a dirty word. America is experiencing diversity fatigue and people have grown weary and skeptical of workplace inclusion efforts. Despite these feelings, billions of dollars are being spent on corporate diversity programs with many of these programs being unsuccessful and ineffective.


Dirty Diversity is a practical guide for organizations looking to strengthen their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Janice Gassam reveals her success stories as well as not-so-successful stories from her consulting experiences, and what was learned along the way. This book was written with employees, practitioners and organizational leaders in mind. 

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