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Under the Dirty Diversity brand, I provide workshops, online and in-person events, as well as business consulting services for corporations and institutions. See below for more details about what I provide.  

Awareness & Action Training Videos:
Educational training videos are available for leaders and teams looking for tools to develop the skills and understanding to put awareness to action. Training videos can be used for onboarding or employee/leadership development.

Workshops & Speaking Engagements:

Workshop topics and speaking engagements are tailored to the specific needs of the organization/institution. Some popular workshop and speaking topics include:

  1. Creating Safer Spaces for Black Women at Work

  2. How to Support Employees of Marginalized Backgrounds

  3. Creating an Anti-Racist Organization that is Inclusive for All

  4. Why Your Unconscious Bias Trainings Keep Failing: Addressing Systemic and Structural Issues 

  5. Recognizing and Reducing Micro-aggressive Behaviors

  6. How to Facilitate Racial Dialogue in the Workplace

  7. Metrics for Assessing Equity and Inclusion

  8. Dismantling and Disrupting Your Anti-Blackness

  9. How to Support Black Employees In Your Workplace

  10. Understanding and Exploring Hair Discrimination

  11. Understanding the White Gaze and how to mitigate it in the Workplace

    The Pink Elephant Workshop Series:

    • I also facilitate the Pink Elephant workshop series for organizations and institutions. This workshop series is based on my best-selling book, The Pink Elephant. Four workshops are included in this series, which are based on different chapters of The Pink Elephant book.

    • Workshop 1: Understanding White Supremacy in the Workplace or on your campus [Ch. 3]

    • Workshop 2: Facilitating Racial Dialogue [Ch. 6]

    • Workshop 3: Strategies to Support Black Employees/Faculty/Students [Ch. 8]

    • Workshop 4: Addressing Systemic Racism in your Organization/Institution [Ch. 9]

The Pink Elephant Workshop Series: Consume Digest Dialogue (CDD)

This is a facilitated workshop discussion where employees are invited to consume piece of historical content (movie, video, TV show, podcast, article, social media post, etc.), digest what they have seen or heard and then discuss their interpretations, understanding and what they have learned with fellow employees.

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3-month and 6-month Consulting:

I am available to serve as an external DEI consultant to help your organization or institution create strategies for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion. The consulting collaboration services include:

  • Strategy sessions: Weekly meetings to discuss your DEI-related issues in order to adequately diagnose the specific DEI issues and create solutions to remedy these issues.

  • Guidance on assessing processes and practices (hiring, recruitment, selection, promotions, etc) from a DEI perspective

  • Individual leadership coaching sessions with a DEI-focus

  • Monthly DEI workshops.

Additional Services:

Equity Audits: I am available to conduct an equity audit of your organization or institution to determine the specific diversity, equity, and inclusion issues that are being experienced and recommend specific and tailored interventions to address those issues. 

Pre-Recorded Webinars

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