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Under the Dirty Diversity brand, I provide workshops, online and in-person events, as well as business consulting services for corporations and institutions. See below for more details about what I provide.  

awareness talks & Workshops

The purpose of an Awareness Talk is to open up a meaningful discussion on a topic that will help to foster more diversity and inclusion in your workplace. In the divisive and polarized political climate that we live in, it is imperative that we find ways to strengthen the effectiveness of business communications, increase our cultural competency and awareness and boost our emotional intelligence.


The objective of this talk is to not only make participants aware of the biases that they may have, but to also offer techniques to change behaviors and make the workplace a more welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. Talks can be crafted to address the specific workplace issues that your organization experiences. 

I offer Awareness Talks and workshops where I help organizations foster more inclusive environments by planting seeds that are the catalysts to changed behavior. 

I also offer THE PINK ELEPHANT Anti-Racism and Awareness workshop: This 90-minute workshop allows participants to begin the unlearning process to understand how power and privilege manifest to impact experiences. Participants will be given the tools to begin to create anti-racist organizations and institutions.  

Some additional topics that can be infused into an Awareness Talk or workshop include:


  • Allyship & Advocacy: How to Support Employees of Marginalized Backgrounds

  • Creating an Anti-Racist Organization that is Inclusive for All

  • Why Your Unconscious Bias Trainings Keep Failing: Addressing Systemic and Structural Issues 

  • Recognizing and Reducing Micro-aggressive Behaviors

  • How to Facilitate Racial Dialogue in the Workplace

  • Metrics for Measuring Equity and Inclusion

  • Dismantling and Disrupting Your Anti-Blackness

  • How to Support Black Employees In Your Workplace


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dirty diversity dinner (DDD) series

The Dirty Diversity Dinner (DDD) series are informal workshops hosted by Dr. Janice Gassam Asare.

The idea is that food is the great equalizer and can open people up so that difficult dialogue can take place. The DDD is an informal event with the goal of stimulating conversation around topics related to DEI. 

Each DDD series will focus on a different topic including but not limited to: how to implement a diversity and inclusion program, demonstrating the ROI of D&I, overcoming unconscious bias, strategies for effective racial dialogue, how to be an ally in the workplace, and strategies for female advancement in the workplace. Attendees discuss specific diversity, equity, and inclusion issues they've experienced, while also brainstorming solutions to resolve these issues. It's more interactive than a formal training session. The group will discuss the specific issue(s) in detail, with research integrated into the discussion and attendees are encouraged to come with questions or experiences to share with others.
Specific diversity, equity and inclusion topics that are relevant to your workplace can also be crafted for a DDD series. The goal of the DDD series is to spark meaningful dialogue around uncomfortable topics, in order to create positive changes, a sense of belonging and more inclusion. The DDD is currently sponsored by Papa Johns Pizza. 

If your company, organization, university or institution is interested in HOSTING or SPONSORING a DDD series, click below.

dirty diversity sankofa summit tours

The objective of the Sankofa Summit is to give individuals an interactive learning experience about Black history in and around New York City. Individuals will take a walking tour, visiting several different locations around the five boroughs. Each stop on the tour is a historic location, ripe with Black culture and history. Following Covid-19, the Sankofa Summit has moved to a virtual format. Organizations are encouraged to take part in this unique experience where employees learn about the Black history within their local city/town. This experience can be adapted to any city or town.  

Research (Galinsky, Ku, Wang, 2005; Galinsky, Ku, Wang, 2008) indicates that perspective-taking activities that allow a person to put themselves in the shoes of another person, will foster social bonds and will reduce stereotypes and prejudice. Research (Onyeador, Daumeyer, Rucker, Duker, Kraus, Richeson, 2020) also finds that “learning more about historical and structural racism has been shown to make white Americans more alert to discrimination and racial disparities.”

The Sankofa Summit is specifically designed for organizations and institutions but can be utilized by anyone hoping to increase their knowledge and understanding of Black history. Accompanying each stop on the tour will be a history lesson regarding the significance of each location.


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