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Your DEIJ efforts are stagnating because you continue to center whiteness. Creating a truly anti-racist organization requires learning how to identify and rectify the systemic, and often unconscious, centering of white culture and values in the workplace.

Corporate America continues to struggle with racial equity in a post-George Floyd world. As the U.S. becomes more diverse and the public consciousness continues to shift, there is a greater need for successful racial equity efforts in the workplace.

Decentering Whiteness in the Workplace exposes the ways that white culture and expectations are centered in the modern American workplace and the fears within corporate spaces about talking candidly, openly, and honestly about whiteness, white supremacy, and anti-blackness.

Readers will discover:

  • A direct and straightforward analysis about what white-centering is
  • An evaluation of the different ways that whiteness is centered in the workplace such as bereavement and holiday policies to dress code
  • A guide on how to recognize and decenter whiteness within oneself and at work
  • Solutions for people to contribute individually and systemically to anti-oppression

Decentering Whiteness in the Workplace provides a crucial guidebook with practical solutions for leaders, DEI practitioners, and anyone hoping to truly create an anti-racist workplace.

Decentering Whiteness in the Workplace Book

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