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I provide workshops and facilitate virtual discussions and listening sessions as a part of my consulting services. If you are ready to expand your understanding and awareness, there are a number of resources below from pre-recorded workshops that I have conducted. If you are interested in having a pre-recorded workshop or a series of pre-recorded workshops designed for your organization or institution, contact me at

Unpacking, Unlearning, Undoing, and Understanding white supremacy in the U.S. 

Lesson 1

UUUUWS 101: Class 1


This webinar includes a replay of Class 1 of the UUUUWS 101 course that explores a brief history of white supremacy in the United States and how white supremacy has manifested in different ways from 1619 to present day. We examine some pivotal moments, policies, and laws in the U.S. and how white supremacy has shape-shifted over time. Creating environments that are equitable requires an understanding of the history and how systems have worked to marginalize different groups of people. Learning the history is vital to becoming a more racially astute individual.
This lesson includes an exploration on:

  • The Dred Scott Decision

  • Slave Codes & Jim Crow Laws

  • Vagrancy Laws

  • Trail of Tears

  • Manifest Destiny

  • Eugenics

  • Birth of a Nation

  • White supremacy in the media


Each course is closed caption. 

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