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My life as a first-generation Cameroonian-American with intersecting identities caused me to have a very unique upbringing. Growing up, my family moved around frequently. When I was 11 years old, my father told my family and I that he got a new job, so we would be moving to the Middle East. At that age, I had no idea where or what the Middle East really was. I was stuck in my bubble and I was unwilling to see things from a different perspective. After moving back to the United States, my perspective completely shifted. This was my first time being fully immersed in a culture outside of my own. It was after living in the Middle East that I learned how massive this world is. These experiences have allowed me to see how impactful diversity and inclusion, or lack thereof, truly is.


Coming from a family of immigrants allowed me to develop a global perspective at an early age. Throughout my youth, I never quite felt like I belonged. I often found myself experiencing what W.E.B. Dubois coined as the ‘double consciousness’, except I was experiencing a triple consciousness. I felt like I was torn between three different cultures, and that others were not accepting of my unique differences. Never feeling "Black enough" or "Cameroonian enough," I also had to deal with and navigate being the only Black person in mostly white spaces, while also trying to understand and learn my parents' Cameroonian culture. As I got older, I started to develop a deep pride in my Blackness and in my heritage. It was also made blatantly apparent to me that the world held deeply anti-Black views that deserved examination.


I find that regardless of differences, there are common threads we all share. My ultimate goal in the work that I do is to facilitate the "uncomfortable" conversations and dialogue that will spark unlearning, shifts and growth. I want to be the change catalyst in your organization. My main objective is to first increase awareness. Once we become aware of our cultural lenses, we can take active steps to shift our perspective. In addition, my goal is to help you understand the ways in which organizational systems and structures are exclusionary and biased and perpetuate inequities. Rectifying the systemic barriers that prevent all employees from thriving and excelling is important if your goal is create an inclusive and equitable environment. 

It is my intent to make an impact through my extensive research, my workshops, my teaching and my writing. My mom always emphasized the importance of injecting good into the world. I strive to be the positive change that your workplace needs. 


My ultimate goal is to help you infuse more love into the workplace through different strategies, which include honest and open dialogue about important subjects that impact employees.

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